Vibrating Hammers


  • ICE 7RF Resonance – Free Vibrating Hammer
  • ICE 223 High Frequency Vibrator
  • ICE 418 Standard Frequency Vibrator
  • PVE 25M Standard Frequency Vibrator

The ICE 7RF are Resonance Free Hammers which have the advantage of high frequency technology, but on top of this the eccentric moment can be adjusted from 0 to 100% (via remote control). Any harmful resonance of the soil is avoided as the frequency of the hammer passes the threshold of the soils inherent frequency is avoided. Furthermore smaller amplitudes result in far lower noise levels.

The ICE 223 is a vibrating hammer. In this casing an even number of eccentric weights rotate at high speed. The frequency is equal to the rotational speed of the eccentric weights. The vibrations thus generated are transmitted to the object to be driven via a clamp.

The ICE 418 is a normal frequency hammer. This system combines solid construction with maximum amplitude and considerable centrifugal force.

While this is a relatively low output machine (centrifugal force 14.5 tons) its large amplitude is an important factor in driving heavy or long sections.

The PVE is a standard frequency vibrator used to drive large pile sections, heavy tubes and box piles. It may be useful in stiffer ground conditions.

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