Cased Dual Rotary CFA Rig

We offer concrete piling using ABI’s double rotary head auger system that enables us to pile within 50 mm of a wall. The system is known as VDW (Vor Der Wand = in front of wall).

This is achieved through the use of a specialist ABI Leader rig that allows the steel casing to pile in line with the hydraulic motor thereby no loss of space exists between the pile and the boundary wall.

This technology facilitates a high quality finish on pile walls, as the steel casing leaves a clean, smooth pile and ensures that when driving secant piles, maximum efficiency is achieved as the finished pile is more accurate in its vertical direction and distance from adjacent piles.


  • Vibration Free
  • Low Noise
  • Economic – no loss of ground space

Anchoring/Soil Nailing

misc14Trench Control provides an excavator mounted Klemm Type 140 anchor rig. This allows the installation of concrete grouted ground support anchors at any angle between the horizontal and vertical plane.

This mast attachment can be used with any Hydraulic excavator with a minimum weight of 15 tons. Its standard clamping device is designed for drilling diameters up to max. 133mm.

Drilling functions can be controlled from a portable remote control and the drill mast can be adjusted from the cabin of the excavator.