Manhole & Drag Boxes

Manhole Boxes

  • Rapid construction of manholes
  • Suitable for depths of up to 6000mm
  • For manhole excavations where crossing services are not encountered
  • Wider trench widths accommodated using spacer extensions
  • 1500mm clearance under bottom struts
  • Various sizes available
  • Internal width 1.7m – 2m without using extensions bars


Drag Boxes

Drag boxes are large protective shields which allow operatives to lay pipes within their confines in safety. As an excavation progresses, the drag box is pulled along the trench line by the excavator to allow a continuous pipe laying operation to proceed. Drag boxes are best suited to open field situations with reasonable ground conditions and where there is no requirement for active support of trench sites.

  • Allows continuous pipe laying
  • Additional top extensions supplied
  • Designed to customer needs
  • Supplied with fixed width struts
  • Needs to be lifted clear to avoid crossing services