Trench Boxes

Trench boxes are simple modular units which can be easily and quickly installed by an excavator to
provide strong, reliable shoring for most ground conditions whilst giving full protection for operatives
in every stage of installation and removal.

Backhoe/Micro Trench Box

  • Handled by small excavator
  • 0.8m clearance beneath strut
  • Strong, lightweight units
  • Suitable for installation of domestic services

Mini Trench Box

  • Handled by small excavators
  • 1.18m Clearance beneath lower strut
  • Strong, lightweight units

Standard Trench box

  • Trench depths up to 6.0m
  • Larger internal working area
  • Clearance of 1.45m beneath strut

Magnum Trench Box

  • Easier installation of large diameter pipes / culverts
  • Greater clearance of 2.45m beneath lower strut

Trench Boxes Ireland

Standard Trench Box - Dublin Ireland