Capability Statement

Engineering and Design at Trench Control

At Trench Control we have a proud tradition of ground engineering and temporary works design. For 35 years we have been an owner-managed and design-led organisation specialising in safe and costeffective ground support and temporary works solutions.


Led by experienced chartered engineers with international experience for contractors and consultants encompassing Ireland, the UK and the Middle East, our design department services our contracting arm and has a strong list of clients for whom we undertake design services.

We specialise as a Contractor’s Designer in the Civil and Geotechnical Engineering sectors and our specialist skills include:

  • Geotechnical consulting
  • Design and numerical modelling
  • Independent checking
  • Alternative design solutions and “optioneering”
  • Temporary works


We run a suite of geotechnical and CAD software but it is our experience and judgement which we rely on primarily to provide our clients with engineered and practical solutions. Our culture is based around the following key tenets:

  • We strive for clearly presented, buildable solutions
  • We strive for a high level of customer satisfaction
  • We advocate early involvement with our clients to establish practical and safe solutions
  • We advocate innovative and “outside the box” thinking in design development
  • Our team is accessible, reliable and responsive
  • We are committed to collaborative working relationships


The testimonials at the back of this statement give an indication of the type and quality of service we provide for our Clients. Our aim in the coming years is to build on our current relationships and forge new relationships, both in Ireland and the UK, in what is a sector of the industry to which we are very committed to.