Sava Inflatable Blank/Bypass Pipe Stoppers

stopper6Sava Blank stoppers are useful for sealing pipes and round gutters; while Sava Bypass / Test stoppers can be used for by-pass flowing, blocking, pumping and testing for free flowing or pipe leakage. Stoppers are available in a range of sizes, and come with a standard inflation valve. Blank and Bypass / Test stoppers are designed to withstand a maximum back pressure of 0.5 bar, or 5mtr head of water when suitably braced. They can be inflated to a maximum working pressure of 1.5 bar.


  1. Air inlet
  2. Handling device
  3. Warning label
  4. Rubber cylinder


  • Air inlet
  • Handling device
  • Warning label
  • Rubber Cylinder
  • Flow-thru tube with threads both sides