Cathedral Road Pumping Station, Cavan Town

Client: P&S Civil Works
Services: Temporary works design for ground support

P&S Civil Works Ltd. appointed Trench Control Ltd. (TCL) to design ground support measures to facilitate the construction of the Cathedral Road Pumping Station for the Cavan Sewage Scheme project. The overall project has been designed by the EMCA. P&S Civil Works Ltd. are the Main Contractor with Trench Control being appointed Temporary Works Designer for the ground support measures only.

The proposed pumping station is approximately 13.1m x 8.3m on plan at the ground surface with the deeper section of the tank at 8.3m x 8.3m on plan. In order to construct the deeper section of the tank, it is proposed to construct a cofferdam of 10.3m x 10.3m on plan to allow for 1m of working room all around. The maximum excavation depth is approximately 9.1m from existing ground level. Design work included routine site inspection to verify the stability of the rock mass exposures and development of contingency rock mass support measures.