Flintshire Bridge Converter Station, Wales

Client: John Sisk & Son
Services: Temporary works design, supply and installation of ground support system

John Sisk & Son appointed Trench Control to design and install ground support measures to facilitate the construction of three service tanks for the proposed Western Link Interconnector Project.

The works comprised three excavations for a Dump Tank and two Oil Interceptors. The Dump Tank was the larger element with excavation dimensions of 20.65m x 11.05m with an excavated depth of 5.735m. The Oil Interceptors excavations were 8.65m x 3.85m and 9.85m x 3.85m on plan dimension and 3.365m and 3.77m deep respectively. The excavations were supported using sheet piles. The Dump Tank were braced using hydraulic frames and the Oil Interceptors were not propped.

Commenting on the works, Sisk’s design manager Brian Dillon said the following: “We’ve worked with Trench Control on the Flintshire Bridge Converter Station Project and we’ve found them to be very knowledgeable both in the planning and the execution of their works.”