M9 Kilcullen Services Upgrade, Pier Foundation Temporary Works

Client: Clonmel Enterprises
Services: Temporary works design, supply and installation of ground support system

The new M9 Services began work in 2013 and involved significant earthworks and a new motorway crossing. The bridge superstructure comprises bankseat abutments and piers. Owing to a significant depth of soft ground the pier foundations were founded at depth below the existing motorway level. The soft material was required to be removed to find a suitable formation for the piers and so temporary ground support was required to form the excavation.

Working for Clonmel enterprises, Trench Control designed and installed ground support measures for the pier foundation construction adjacent to the live motorway. The works comprised sheet piles and bracing to support the existing embankment and carriageway. The excavation had plan dimensions of 8m x 5m and the overall depth of the excavation was approximately 3.5m to the formation of the pier foundation.