Osberstown Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Client: Bam Contractors
Services: Temporary works design, supply of ground support system

County Kildare’s population has increased dramatically since 2006 and Kildare is now the 4th most populous county in the Republic. Consequently, an application to the DoEHLG was been submitted by Kildare County Council for a Stage III upgrade to the Osberstown facility to 130,000 population equivalent (from 80,000 p.e.). The new works will facilitate predicted future increases in wastewater flows from an expanding domestic, industrial and commercial population. In addition, the state of the art wastewater treatment plant will treat the wastewater to the highest standards, ensuring that the local environment is greatly enhanced.

Working for Bam, Trench Control designed the ground support systems for a series of structures including new inlet works, outlet works, effluent sampling and distribution chambers and tunnel launch and reception shafts for a pipejacked crossing of the adjacent M7 motorway. Retained heights varied from 7m to 10m for the majority of the structures. The temporary works included sheet piles and proprietary hydraulic propping elements.