Youghal Main Drainage Scheme

Client: Wills Bros.
Services: Temporary works design, supply and installation of ground support system

Youghal is situated on the Blackwater Estuary, which is environmentally sensitive and an area of significant recreational activity. The town has a population of 6,990 (2011 Census) but this can increase to 14,000 in the summer months with an influx of tourists and daytrippers. However, the town currently has no wastewater treatment plant and all wastewater currently discharges directly to the Blackwater Estuary with no treatment. The Main Drainage Scheme will end the practice of discharge of untreated sewage directly to the Blackwater Estuary, and will bring Youghal’s wastewater drainage and treatment systems in line with best international practice and will help improve water quality in the Estuary.

Working for Wills Bros., Trench Control designed and installed a scheme of temporary works comprising sheet piling and proprietary hydraulic propping elements to facilitate the construction of one of the primary pumping stations for the scheme. The design accommodated the difficult ground conditions which were encountered including loose reclaimed sands with high and tidal groundwater. The excavation depth was in the order of 6m.